The Chrysanthemum Throne

The Chrysanthemum Throne(2013 ) 0.0

2013(美国)| 冒险 | 美国 |
导演:Xavier Koller 
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The emergence of Japan as a growing super power before and after WW II seen through the eyes of Hirohito's most trusted companion, Dr. Taki Akira. In the story, Taki is an orphaned boy brought into the Imperial family by Emperor Meiji and his wife, eventually becoming a close friend and confidant of their son, Prince Hirohito, who will one day take the reins of the Imperial Throne. In his friendship with the Prince, they travel the world together, but Taki's loyalty is tested many times to the extent where he is finally forced to tell the Prince the truth about his pitiable behavior toward himself and others in their circle. As Taki grows older and weary of life in the Imperial Court, he eventually leaves and strikes out on his own to live amongst common people where he meets a colorful cast of characters who teach him about real life and living in Japan under the Emperor's rule. As World War II breaks out, Taki is forced to join the Japanese army and conscripted to serve in Burma where he end up helping a group of starving and tortured British prisoners make their escape, and later is put through a grueling, incredible journey back to Tokyo where he finds his old friend Hirohito being used and manipulated by his Generals, where he is forced to intervene and put Hirohito back on the only path that will ultimately end the war and save Japan, itself.来看吧影院为您提供2013年由约翰·芬 主演,Xavier Koller 导演的《The Chrysanthemum Throne》/原名《》电影在线观看,《The Chrysanthemum Throne》百度云网盘资源以及《The Chrysanthemum Throne》高清mp4迅雷下载,《The Chrysanthemum Throne》BT下载,希望您能喜欢!